About Us

Ya'a'teeh (Hello in Navajo)!

Obie Jigs was started because I wanted bait that I couldnt find anywhere else. I wanted colors, shapes and weights that the mainstream market just wasn't offering. So I began making my own bait and Obie Jigs was started.

I grew up fishing on the San Juan River in New Mexico. If anyone has ever fished there, then you know that you cannot fish there without developing a love for fishing! I have since moved from New Mexico to Arizona and it is a whole new world to fish in. I have the opportunity to try new baits on various types of fish in hopes to find what works.

My goal is to change up the fishing scene with new baits and offer a handful of new styles to fit any angler's needs. You know, give everyone that little edge that takes your day out on the water to the next level.

I didn't start Obie Jigs to get rich. I didnt start Obie Jigs to honestly help anyone else out besides myself (lol) but after realizing that what I was doing seemed to be working for me I figured why not share what I've created with the person fishing next to me. Litterally, I really do love it when the family, couple or solo angler next to me asks me what I'm using when they see me slaying at the lake! I do hope that my originality helps you take that next step up with your fishing game!

Good luck and thanks for all your support!

Ahéhee' (Thank You in Navajo)!

- Olajuwon Touchin, CEO / Owner / Master Angler

  • Explore Natures Catch

    Hello fellow anglers! Kristine, Cary, and Amelia here from Explore Natures Catch on YouTube.

    We have had the pleasure of using Obie jigs products and have had great success with them. We are primarily trout anglers however we do occasionally target other species of freshwater and saltwater. Help support small businesses and give Obie Jigs products a try. You won’t be disappointed!

    Explore Natures Catch Youtube 
  • Nora

    What’s up guys, my name is Nora. I’m one of the ProStaff members of Obie Jigs. Here is a little about me, I’m a multi-species angler. I target fish from fresh water to salt water. I’ve been using the Obie jigs and soft plastic baits for a long time. They have helped me catch more fish from small panfish and trout to 3-4lb Bass! My favorite Obie Baits are Cattails, Micro Minnows, Swimmers and Worms! I use those baits with a 1/32-1/16 oz jig, bounce it on the bottom and wait for it to get smacked! Which happens rather quickly! I really recommend you get some baits!

  • John

    Hello everyone my name is John and I'm Pro Staff with Obie Jigs. I'm a multi-species freshwater ultralight finesse style angler, that uses small lures amd light line to target small and large size fish. I developed and learn this style of fishing from numerous anglers that use ultra light and Finesse style equipment and tactics to catch fish all over the world from Japan, China, England, and many more countries!!. I have been using Obie Jigs for quite sometime and have caught many species of fish on these soft plastic lures. My favorite go too Obie Jigs soft plastic line up is micro-minnow, trout worm, ribbon tail Swimmers and cattails.

    Social Media : Instagram ( Heavenly_buns69) give me a follow!!